The first edition was limited to 1,000 copies and was open to advanced subscriptions (orders). These included Queen Victoria and the King of Prussia, and many others*. But the Duke of Wellington did not subscribe.

It was published by T.W. Boone of London in 1843, It was xxx pages long. I imagine that copies of it will be very hard to find (and expensive)

The second edition.

This was published a year later, in 1844, also by TW Boone. It consisted of two volumes, the first of 461 pages, the second of 523 pages (984 total). In the preface Captain Siborne says he had made only a few minor changes to the text to correct a few errors.

Copies of this editon can be found for sale on the interent on sites such as ebay and Abe Books for a reasonable price.

The Third and Revised Edition

This edition was also published by T.W Boone. It appeared in 1848. It was printed in one volume of 584 pages. But as the pages were larger than the second edition, so I imagine there was no loss of text.

In this edition Siborne makes quite a few changes. Especially when it comes to the role of the Prussians.

Siborne devotes xx pages in the introduction to the recent book published as part of the xx series written by the Revered R Gleig.

According to Peter Hofschroer in Wellington's Smallest Victory,, the publication of this book at a low price, aimed at the mass market, deprived Siborne of major sales of his third edition

The Fourth Edition

Strangely this editon is called the Third Edition (revised) on the title page.

This was also published in 1848, also by TW Boone of London. This time in one volume of 832 pages (the pages appear to be smaller than the third edition). In the preface the publisher says that to save space the comments on Gleig's book have been ommited as have some of the Appendices. (see list of appendices)*. Also many of the footnotes have been ommited or incorporated into the text

Strangley in this edition the names of all generals are shown in all Caps.


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